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A Dynamic Architecture
Offering Different Plan Solutions

Flat24 has been designed to fully meet your expectations with different apartment types as “Home” and “Home-Office”. With the dynamic architectural approach,

personalized plan solutions were provided.

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Architecturel Minimalism

We started Flat24 project by thinking about a structure that is compatible with the environment and gives life energy that defines the limits of the all-day mobility of

Basın Ekspres.


Creating a living space in Basın Ekspres which is one of the centers where the main roads of Istanbul intersect, imposes a different responsibility on the architect.


To isolate the project from the high energy of the city, “Architectural Minimalism” seemed

a viable option. We were inspired by the philosophy of "Feng Shui", an oriental wisdom with minimalism which is emphasizing "the multitude and power of the fewness".


We have adopted the color of white, which symbolizes purity in the Feng Shui approach,

on the facades of the main buildings. Then we used the yellow color, which provides

harmony with the earth energy.





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Floor Height Of
3 Meters

High Windows
That Let The Sunlight In

The spaciousness of a house is also connected to its volume. In Flat24, spacious living rooms’, kitchens’ and rooms’ volumes were increased. Comfort was intensified in both horizontal and vertical directions;

floor heights were designed to be

3 meters in gross.


The rooms were designed as spacious and bright spaces with high windows

that let the sunlight in.


Regenerate With The Endless Energy Of The Sun

Natural light brings good energy and regeneration according to

Feng Shui teaching. We developed Flat24 as a concept that

adds vitality to your new life with this approach.

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To Get Your Dream Home Right Away.

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